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Who we are?


Gjirafa Lab is a startup factory, made for Internet entrepreneurs who lack access to resources and market. As a startup factory, the Lab will provide the space, mentoring, networking, technology, talent visibility, and funding to competent Internet entrepreneurs, creating solutions for the Kosovo, Albania, and FYR Macedonia market. Unlike others, Gjirafa Lab is made of people who have done it before.

Gjirafa Lab is built by Gjirafa, Inc., assisted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), with the goal of building the Internet Economy in Kosovo and the region. Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to transform their technology ideas/products into successful online businesses and solve real problems for society.

Do you want to build the Internet Economy of the region?

Application process

Do you think you have what it takes to change the Internet Economy in the region? Are you passionate about having an impact in our society? If that is you, then Gjirafa Lab is for you. Start by filling out the Online Application Form and tell us about yourself, your team and your idea.
All applications will undergo a very strict evaluation, and based on the application specifications and your achievements you may be invited for a Face to Face interview. Applications that possess the necessary arguments and solutions will move on to the tight list of finalists. We offer our experience, technical and business support, and financial backing to your team so that together, we can make a difference and lead the era of digital economy in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and throughout the region.

What we are looking for!

Selection Criteria

Target - We will only consider ideas and startups that target Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and potentially the region. If the solution is right and has a global potential, that is great - but it will not affect your chances of acceptance into the program. In fact, we will only accept ideas/startups that have the region as a primary target.

Team - Team is the single most important key success factor of a startup. For us the team has the highest percentage weight when evaluating applications. It has to do with your passion, vested interest in executing your idea into a product, experience, and execution know-how. We also look for a balance of tech with business skills, with emphasis on programming skills.

Internet Economy Impact - Is the idea something that can facilitate doing business online and make people’s life easier? How quickly can it gain widespread use?

Market - What is the market you are after? True, we are only looking for regional solutions, but does it target mass population or just a fraction of it?

Technology - How easily can your idea be replicated? Do you have a secret sauce? Only ideas with technology solutions, products or services online, will be accepted. Other industries, hardware or other non-tech startups will not be accepted.

Challenge yourself!

What's next?

The next phase is a Face to Face interview with each team.

Teams that do possess the arguments and the solution will pass on to the very tight list of finalists.

To lead you must learn. We offer our experience and technical support to your team, so together we can make history and lead the era of digital economy.

OUR AWESOME MENTORS coming soon...

For hard work, comfort is the word.


Apart from the support, your idea needs a very cozy working space.

Our offices, featured as top in the region, offer a very pleasurable working environment that bound to induce creativity. Our office is equipped with the latest technology and trends. Need a terabyte (TB) of space? No problem, we have it physically in the office and in the cloud. Need Tesla or Pascal GPUs for your deep learning algorithm? We have that also, physically in the office and in the cloud. Need a football table or even a shower? We have them physically in the office, but unfortunately don’t have those in the cloud yet. You name it, we probably have it.

Don't be surprised if you find our team to be friendly and always willing to collaborate and cooperate.


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